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Korean Bands


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Boy Band Profiles

Yo wat up??  I guess u love boy bands hehe like me >_<  Here is a little more insight on who they are!!

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Korean Name:  Kim, Tae-Hyug
Nickname:  KimPPong, Teng
Birthday:  March 19,1981
Height:  175 cm
Weight:  54 kg
Hobbies:  Listening to music, watching stars at night, boxing
Talents:  Key boards
Dream Gurl:  No on in specific, just someone whom I feel comfortable with!!
Position in Click B:  Vocal, Keyboards

Yun Suk
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Korean Name:  Oh, Jong-Hyuk

Nickname:  JJong

Birthday:  Febuary 16,1983

Height:  177 cm

Weight:  54 kg

Hobbies:  Reading Books

Talents:  Playing football

Dream Gurl:  Someone who's cute, caring, sweet, nice, and I don't like gurls who are too tall

Position in Click B:  Lead Vocalist

Sang Hyuk
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Korean Name:  Ha, Hyun-Gon

Nickname:  Dalma

Birthday:  November 28,1983

Height:  175 cm

Weight:  54 kg

Hobbies:  listening to music

Talents:  drums, guitar, bass guitar

Dream Gurl:  Someone who's cubby and nice

Position in Click B:  Drums

Ho Suk
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Korean Name:  No, Min-Hyuk

Nickname:  MenBal

Birthday:  December 24, 1983

Height:  185 cm

Weight:  70 kg

Hobbies:  listening to music

Talents:  guitar, b-ball, football

Dream Gurl:  I also have to say that first impressions are really important!

Postition in Click B:  Guitar


Black Beat


Korean Name:  Lee SoMin
position:  singer
birthday: 3/18/1981
hobbies: music, movies, midi sequencing

fav music: jazz, r&b
family: mom, dad, little bro
dream:to be a musician

Jae Won
Black Beat

Korean Name:  Jang JinYoung
position: lead singer
birthday:  7/1/83
fav music: r&b, ballad
fav musicians, Park HyoShin, Fly to the Sky, Kim JoHan, Lee EunMee, Yoo YoungJin
family:parents, lil sibling

Sang Hoon
Black Beat

Korean Name:  Jung JiHoon
birthday:  5/20/81
fav music: funk
fav musician: KangTa ^^
family: parents, older sibling i think o_0;
favorite color: red, blue

Fly To The Sky
Name: Brian Joo
Nickname: Brian McKnight
Birthday: 1/10/1982
Birth Place: New Jersey, USA
Height: 176cm(about 5'8'')
Weight: 60kg
Talents: Basketball, swimming, English rap making
Hobbies: Watching movies, Internet chatting, basketball
Ideal Woman: someone who talks a lot, not shy

Fly To The Sky

Tae Hyung
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Korean Name:  Woo, Yun-suk
Nickname:  Squirrel
Birthday:  Febuary 21,1981
Height:  175 cm
Weight:  53 kg
Hobbies:  sleeping, watching anime, movies and TV
Talents:  Singing, rapping, b-ball, swimming
Dream Gurl:  actually it changes all the time, well I gotta say fo me first impression lasts! Hehe
Postition in Click B:  Rap, vocals

Jong Hyuk
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Korean Name:  Kim, Sang-Hyuk

Nickname:  SSANG

Birthday:  may 7,1983

Height:  177 cm

Weight:  55 kg

Hobbies:  Reading books (anime), Roller blading, playing computer games

Talents:  singing

Dream Gurl:  some one who's pretty and innocent

Position in Click B:  Bass Guitar

Hyun Gon
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Korean Name:  Yoo, Ho Suk

Nickname:  HoShukki

Birthday:  December 8,1983

Height:  177 cm

Weight:  54 kg

Hobbies:  listening to music, watching movies, reading anime, playing w/ fire

Talents:  singing

Dream Gurl:  someone with beautiful eyes and nose

Position in Click B:  vocal

Min Hyuk
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So Min
Black Beat

Korean Name:  Shim JaeWon
birthday: 2/8/1983
hobbies: music, singing
fav music: electronic, funk, pimp rock ,pop, jazz, break, metal, classic
fav musicians:  Gazaebal, Seo Taiji, Hybrid, Linkin Park, N'Sync, Usher, Metallica, Brian McNight, BT, Cypress, 98 Degrees, Outcast
family: grandparents, father, mother, lil bro

Jin Young
Black Beat

Korean Name:  Hwang SangHoon
birthday: 3/2/81
fav music: funk, hip hop, R&B
fav musicians: Japp & Roger, Run DMC, Usher, Babyface, Limpbizkit, Weedasoo
family: parents, granny, lil bro
dream: something about giving music, and being a dance gasoo

Ji Hoon
Black Beat

Fly To The Sky

Korean Name: Hwan Hee
English Name:  Fanny
Nickname: Tough Guy
Birthday: 1/17/1982
Birth Place: Seoul, Korea
Height: 177 cm (about 5'8'')
Weight: 58 kg
Talents: Basketball, Break dancing
Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies, basketball, computer games

Ideal Woman: A woman that talks a lot, is full of herself, a "know-it-all"

Last Updated:  Friday, August 2,2002