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[4/4] Forum: Boa Theme

[4/2] Forum:  TAKE pics, Caps, and DLs (Thanks to Firefly)

[3/25] New pics:  FTTS, Click B and Black Beat

[3/18] Forum:  Shinhwa & TAKE korean lyrics

[3/15] New Brian pic and Eugene Pic, New Forum Theme:  TAKE

[2/28] Boy band pics updated (FTTS, K-pop, Black Beat, Click-B, G.O.D) and added TAKE and F-IV.  Gurl band pics updated (boa) added M.I.L.K., Wallpaper section updated (boa, FTTS, SM), banner secion updated (boa, click-b, TAKE, F-IV), Forum:  [pics] Wonbin pics

[10/27] Forum:  news on S#arp and S.E.S. New pics:  Boa & Click B

[10/26] New Pics:  FinKL and Baby V.O.X

[10/25] New pics:  Jang Nara, Joanne, Fly to the Sky, and K-pop


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Hey dudes!!!! I bet ur excited to see this site!!  haha J/K.  Well if u love korean Bands u will love here.  wit ur boy bands and ur gurl bands all stuck together!!  Wit their profile and pics!!  I still have a long ways to go, but i am doing pretty good right now!!  Remember to sign my gbookie!! and if u have the chance go to the forum it is kinda blank right now!! Thanx soo much for supporting me and the bands!!! LOL>_< Look below to see wat bands will be on here!

As some of you know i actually started another page wit all korean bands, but of course there are too many of them and i was running out of space so i decided to put them on another page Which is this one!!!  so u can enjoy more pics on them.  The other page now is just H.O.T and Shinhwa since they are my most fav bands, so if ya wanna go check it out over there just take the link below!

Last Updated:  Friday, April 4th, 2003